4.2.12 032712:Graduation

Hi there! I’m back dear followers! Sorry if I’ve been invicible in tumblr world for a while. Busy finishing things and stuff. Haha. As of my comeback, I want to share to you our Graduation. :)

 ”A farewell is necessary in meeting again.” 

After 13 years, I finally said goodbye to my second home. :( In this home, i met a lot of people with different personalities and each one of them really made an impact to me as a person and to who I am now. 

From Nursery Bambi, Kinder Lion King, Prep Hiawatha, Gr.1 David, Gr.2 Lithium, Gr.3 Shakespeare, Gr.4 Socrates, Gr.5 Locsin, Gr.6 Sulayman, 1st year Astronomy, 2nd year Christology, 3rd year Anthropology and finally to 4th year Physiology. To Ms. Rose, Ms. Ellen, Ms. Charming, Ms. Jane, Ms. Maries, Ms. Maureen, Sir Billy, Sir Jhomel, Ms. Rose, Sir Jayson, Ms. Gemma/Ms. Bec, Ms. Anna and Ms. Weng.

I hope before leaving Seton, i too made a mark on each and everyone of my batchmates and also to the lower levels staying in Seton :)

Here are some pictures :)

8th Commencement Exercises

Matthew :)

Maxine :)

Chesca :)

Christian :)

James :)

The Wonder Boys :) L-R (Jason, Poy, Jheric, JM, and Lem)

Dewi and Pat <3

My family :)

THE SENIORS :) Photo c/o: Eena Macaspac

Goodbye, Elizabeth Seton School- South :)